Tear tape Fit-Up Pro 102×1829 mm (3″-22″)

70.00 CHF

Tear tape Fit-Up Pro 102×1829 mm (3″-22″)

The tear tape has double-lined edges so that it never stands upside down or backwards. The wrap can be used as a ruler to mark straight lines around the pipe and to mark angles for pipe bends. The pipe sheathing is made of highly abrasion- and solvent-resistant materials to withstand heavy use.

102×1829 mm, double lined edges

The pipe wrap includes: Tangent and straight edge table, instructions for cutting bends, side markings in increments of 1/8″ (3.2 mm) to 36″ (914 mm), instructions for finding the length of a bend, 45-degree angle table, and degree markings.

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