Fit Gold tube centering quick release 1″-3″ (20-90mm)

127.00 CHF

Fit Gold tube centering quick release 1″-3″ (20-90)

This high-low alignment clamp in a classic design has been used worldwide for years. The heavy-duty design is made from forged steel, which is galvanized to provide protection and ensure a robust product.

With a durable yet cost-effective design, E-Z Fit Gold Pipe Clamps fit pipes up to 14 inches and are available in five overlapping sizes.

Service description

  • Available in five sizes for 1″ – 14″ pipe fittings.
  • Robust design: forged steel, galvanized.
  • Ideal for most types of fit-ups. Pipe to pipe, pipe to bend and pipe to flange, among others.
  • The most durable high-low fit-up clamp on the market.

Additional information

Weight 1.40 kg

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