Tapping machine +GF+ GTM 2 (price on request)

Tapping machine +GF+ GTM 2

Price on request

The GTM 2 is a lightweight, combined machine for cutting threads and pipes.
It is similar to the KM 2 model and has many of the same features. Both machines work with the same automatic quick-change cutting heads, and both use the same pipe saw (model RA 21).
In a few simple steps, the GTM 2 can be dismantled into parts that are easy to transport. In this state, it takes up little space and can be easily transported by one person from one location to another, even in the trunk of a vehicle.
The pipe saw can be removed. Together with the SOLO vice, it forms a complete sawing unit.
The GTM 2 thread cutting and pipe cutting machine is equipped with a 220 V/50 Hz single-phase AC motor as standard.

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Weight 60 kg

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