Orbitalum (+GF+) GF4 pipe saw (AVM/MVM)

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Orbitalum (+GF+) GF 4 pipe saw (AVM/MVM)

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Orbitalum (+GF+) Pipe saw GF 4

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Orbitalum (+GF+) GF 4AVM pipe saw

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Orbitalum (+GF+) GF 4 MVM pipe saw

The basic prerequisites for the productive and high-quality welding of pipes with automated orbital joining technology are a precise, right-angled and burr-free cut and perfect chamfering of the pipe end. Easy to handle and cutting in seconds, the Orbitalum (+GF+) GF 4 pipe saw processes pipe materials made of high-alloy steel (stainless steel), low-alloy and unalloyed steel, cast materials, plastics and non-ferrous metals using the “planetary cutting” method. Powerful clamping takes place without any deformation of the workpiece.

Feed variants:
Pipe cutting and chamfering machine with automatic feed module AVM: The intelligent control of the AVM continuously monitors the feed force depending on the required power. Once the disconnection process is complete, the AVM switches off automatically. Unintentional start-up is prevented by a restart interlock.

Pipe cutting and chamfering machines with manual feed module MVM: The additional module on the machine facilitates the processing of pipes by means of a manually operated handwheel. As a result, the rotating body is guided around the pipe in a user-friendly manner with little effort and a constant feed rate.

Included in the price:
Orbitalum (+GF+) pipe cutting and chamfering machine
Transport box
Stainless steel clamping attachment
Saw blade
Mounting plate
Line laser
Tool wrench
Saw blade lubricant GF TOP
Special gear oil
Operating instructions and spare parts list

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