Exact PipeCut P1000

2'980.00 CHF

Exact PipeCut P1000


Pipe saw for cutting large diameter plastic pipes

A new, unique pipe cutting solution without comparison for large diameter plastic pipes.

With this machine you can cut pipe sizes (outer pipe diameter) from 60 mm – 1000 mm

The maximum pipe wall thickness is 75 mm

Mainly invented and intended for large diameter plastic pipes, but you can also cut smaller pipes.

As the machine is a special pipe saw for cutting plastic pipes, most of the most common plastic pipes can be cut. These include pipe materials such as PP, PE, PVC and HDPE.

You can also cut corrugated pipes, for example, with accessories that can be ordered separately.

They make seamless cuts directly on site (or wherever the pipe is located). Setting up the machine is simple, as is operating it.

The result of pipe cutting is precise and straight. Thanks to its light weight, the saw is easy to move.

The contents include a safety belt that can be fastened around the pipe and ensures maximum safety by stabilizing the machine in position. We have also developed completely new saw blades, TCT 250 mm and Cut+Bevel 190 mm, which can be ordered separately.

  • Intersection accuracy. The machine is equipped with a laser pointer for easy definition of the cutting point of the pipe. The laser can be easily switched on or off.
  • Straight and fast cuts. Thanks to the machine’s powerful functions, fast and accurate cuts are the main advantages of this pipe cutting machine.
  • Avoid overheating the motor. The motor unit has a guide light function which, as the name suggests, guides the user on the motor heater.
  • Forget about cleaning. The pipe saw has a vacuum connection that can be attached to the industrial vacuum cleaner to remove all plastic chips.
  • Portable and mobile pipe saw that is also lightweight (11.5 kg ) Easy to move, easy to carry.


Voltage/Power: : 230 – 240V /1600W

Idle speed: I = 1900/min, II = 2885/min

Saw blade diameter: 165 mm, 180 mm, 190 mm, 250 mm,

Weight: 11.5 kg

Application range Ø: 60 mm -1000 mm

Max. Pipe wall thickness: 75 mm

Laser for cutting point definition: Yes

Traffic lights for overheating control: Yes

Tube material: Plastic


Included in the price

  1. Exact PipeCut P1000 pipe saw
  2. TCT 190 saw blade pre-installed
  3. Exact pocket
  4. Pipe holder 1 x large and 2 x small
  5. Operating instructions
  6. Allen keys 5 mm & 2 mm.

Additional information

Weight 11.5 kg

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