Exact PipeCut 220 INOX

2'990.00 CHF

Exact PipeCut INOX 220

Pipe cutter purely for cutting stainless steel pipes

The new Exact PipeCut INOX 220 is a portable and handy tool for cutting stainless steel and acid pipes.

The user-friendly design of the saw facilitates installation on pipe sizes from 20 mm – 220 mm and a maximum wall thickness of 12.5 mm.

The INOX 220 makes precise and fast pipe cuts.

The laser pointer shows the intersection point precisely on the pipe.

With the INOX 220, you can also achieve up to 10 times more cuts on stainless steel pipes before the saw blade is blunt compared to previous solutions.

To prevent any scratching and contamination of the pipe, the machine’s gripper has been redesigned and fitted with stainless steel wheels.


Voltage/Power: : 230 – 240V /1600W

Idle speed: I = 1900/min, II = 2885/min

Saw blade diameter: 140 mm

Weight: 11.5 kg

Application range Ø: 20 mm – 220 mm

Max. Pipe wall thickness: 12.5 mm

Laser for cutting point definition: Yes

Traffic lights for overheating control: Yes

Max. Load on pipe support: : : 190 kg (4 supports)


Included in the price:
1. exact PipeCut System shoulder bag

2. exact PipeCut 220 INOX pipe saw with inox 140 saw blade pre-installed

3. pipe cutting supports 4 pieces

4. operating instructions

5. 2 Allen keys (5 mm and 2 mm), attached to the saw


Product video for Exact pipe saw 220 Inox

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Weight 7 kg

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