Exact PipeCut + Bevel 170E

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Exact pipe saw + Bevel 170E system

Cutting and chamfering

Cut and chamfered cast iron pipes. PipeCut+Bevel170E does something a portable power tool has never done before: Cut and bevel cast iron pipes in one process thanks to the cleverly designed diamond blade, you can adjust it to properly bevel all common pipe dimensions. If you need to connect pipes with socket joints, the PipeCut+Bevel 170E saves you time and money and prevents leaks in the connected pipes. It is also suitable for PVC and other plastic pipes.

Voltage/Power: 230V / 1200W
Voltage/current: 110V, 120V / 9.2A
Speed unloaded: 1600-3500 r/min
Saw blade diameter: 140 mm (5.51″)
Locking hole: 62 mm (2.44″)
Weight: 5.7 kg (12 lbs)
Application range Ø: 15 mm – 170 mm (0.6″- 6.7″)
Max. Pipe wall thickness: 8 mm (0.31″) steel, 14 mm (0.55″) plastic

Included in the price:

  1. PipeCut bag 2
  2. Exact PipeCut 170E Pipe saw
  3. Pipe holder 170, 4 pieces
  4. Operating instructions
  5. Hexagon socket wrench 5 mm and 2 mm mounted on the machine
  6. Cut+Bevel diamond blade mounted on the machine

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Weight 6.7 kg

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