Exact Infinity

7'500.00 CHF


Cutting the world’s largest pipes with Infinity

As the name suggests, Infinity pipe cutting is limitless in terms of cutting performance for the outside diameter of the pipe.

Exact Infinity is a completely new type of pipe cutting system, unlike the other exact models it uses a chain gripping mechanism. Thanks to the flexibility of the chain segments, you can extend the chain segment gripper unit as required.

Thanks to this innovative method, the limits of the pipe cutting diameter are no longer an issue.

Also available as a Cut+Bevel option for cutting and beveling cast iron and plastic pipes in a single process.


Voltage/Power: 220-240V/ 2500W

Idle speed: l = 1900 rpm, l = 2885 rpm.

Saw blade diameter: 140mm, 165mm, 180mm, 190mm

Application range: 460-1850 mm (optionally possible up to 3000 mm)

Max. Wall thickness: 20 mm iron/steel, 50 mm plastic

Mounting hole: 62 mm (2.44″)

Recommended generator output: 4.9kVA for 230V

Pipe material: aluminum, cast iron, copper, ductile iron, fiberglass, plastic, stainless steel / Inox steel, steel


The price includes

  1. Exact PipeCut System shoulder bags, 2 pieces
  2. Exact PipeCut Infinity motor unit with installed blade
  3. Clamping device
  4. Clamping device with crank
  5. Chain segments for attaching the saw to the pipe:
    2 m, 2 pieces 1 m, 1 piece
    0.5 m, 1 piece 0.2 m, 2 pieces
    0.1 m, 1 piece
  6. Operating instructions
  7. Allen key, 5 mm and 2 mm, attached to the saw



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