Exact 220E Pipe-Bevel Pro Series

2'420.00 CHF

Exact 220E Pipe-Bevel Pro Series

Professional tubular fiber for on-site welding applications

The Exact PipeBevel 220E is a portable and lightweight pipe beveler that consistently delivers good results for on-site pipe beveling applications. With this machine you can make simple, fast and consistent chamfers on a wide range of steel and stainless steel pipe materials.

Setup is quick and easy. The clean and user-friendly design enables quick installation on pipe sizes from 25 mm – 220 mm and higher with a maximum wall thickness of 10 mm.

  • Suitable for pipes made of steel and stainless steel.
  • Suitable for pipe sizes from 25 mm – 220 mm (0.98″- 8.6″) and higher with a wall thickness of 10 mm (0.39″).
  • Does not produce flames or sparks.
  • The external cutting head is available in three bevel angles (30°, 37.5° and 45°).
  • Simple, fast and even chamfering.
  • Quick and easy to set up.


Voltage/ Power: 230V / 1495W

Weight: 6.7 kg

Application range: 25 – 220mm

Max. Pipe wall thickness: Steel 10mm

Suitable for: Aluminum, stainless steel


The price includes

  1. PipeBevel 220E chamfering machine
  2. Shoulder bag
  3. Pipe support x 2
  4. Instructions
  5. Allen key 5 mm


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