Axxair 122FS29

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Axxair 122FS29 Pipe saw

Axxair machines are suitable for high-quality preparation by orbital cutting as well as by facing to complete standard cuts on thin-walled pipes up to 5 mm wall thickness.
There is no deformation of the thin-walled tubes, neither by cutting (because the saw blade follows the tube cross-section) nor by clamping (concentric clamping with stainless steel jaws with several contact points). The work is characterized by a good cutting geometry (perpendicularity < 0.25 mm) and a good surface finish (very limited burr).
The optimized distance between the saw blade and clamping jaws reduces vibrations and increases the service life of the saw blades.
The machines are portable and easy to transport. They are suitable for both the construction site and the workshop. They are suitable for continuous use. The electric swivel joint for revolutions prevents the cable from winding up.
All motors are supplied in a plastic case with the appropriate tools.

Cutting precision: squareness < 0.25 mm. burr-free cut.
Fast electric motor: 230V 1200W
Rotary crank
44 kg (easy handling)

Cutting motor with double shaft with 2 saw blade positions for pipe bends

Expandability: can be converted into a chamfering and orbital welding machine

Included in the price:
Axxair 122FS29 Pipe saw
Stainless steel clamping set
Electric motor 1200W, packed with tools

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Weight 45 kg

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