Tapping machine +GF+ KM 2 (price on request)

Tapping machine +GF+ KM 2

Price on request

The KM 2 cuts right-hand Whitworth pipe threads, tapered 1:16, from ¼” to 2″.
The KM 2 cuts the pipes with pipe saw RA21 or GFX 3.0 (available separately) quickly, squarely and burr-free.

The machine works with quick-change cutting heads that open automatically. Each pipe dimension is cut with a separate cutting head that has been precisely adjusted in the factory to the values of the thread standards. This eliminates the need for any adjustment work; changing dimensions takes just a few seconds and presents no problems.
The machine runs quietly and reliably, a manual gearbox ensures optimum processing times and the built-in pump supplies plenty of coolant. Low weight and a mobile base frame are further advantages. It is therefore suitable for mobile use on the construction site, as well as for stationary use in the workshop, for individual and series production. The normal version is equipped with a 220 V/50 Hz single-phase alternating current motor

Without pipe saw (RA21 or GFX 3.0) and cutting heads

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Weight 80 kg

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