GF Service thread cutting oil

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GF Service thread cutting oil

Thread cutting oil 10 liters for pipeline construction
Ready to use. Do not dilute and do not mix with other products.

Problems with synthetic thread cutting oil
– The tried and tested Normolic S thread cutting oil was withdrawn from the Swiss market a few years ago.
– According to the Euro standard, only tested red-colored synthetic thread-cutting oil may be used in building services.
– Mineral oil-based thread cutting oils are not approved for drinking water installations.

– About 1 year after using the synthetic thread cutting oil, the problems began. The +GF+ cutting heads no longer produced the threads as they had done for over 30 years.

– Long threads, short threads, threads break off, higher contact pressure for thread cutting, pull cords break, machines get stuck, thread cutting heads that are not used much get stuck and can no longer be opened or closed. The cutting heads rust on the inside.
The installation of hard springs improved the opening of the cutting heads in the short term.

Cause = Synthetic oil
– All synthetic oils have a water content of between 30% and 40%. This water flushes out the assembly grease in the thread cutting head. Metal on metal and subsequent rust formation prevent the tapping head from working properly. The water dries off and the machine sticks. The vice and vice slide only move with force.
– High follow-up costs are incurred without the problem being solved.

Solution = mineral oil
– Based on these problems, GF+Service+Maschinen had a mineral oil-based thread cutting oil developed.
– Since drinking water approval is not possible, a cold water emulsifier was added to this oil. This emulsifier ensures that the oil is dissolved and removed as soon as water is involved.
– After changing the oil (cleaning the machine) and lubricating the thread-cutting heads with mineral oil, these problems are solved and the thread-cutting heads work again as they have done for 30 years.
– Ropes no longer break every month and the service life of the thread-cutting dies is longer. Red oil splashes can be easily removed from the floor/wall.
PS: Normolic S was a white oil based on mineral oil!

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