Pipe chamfering machines

Orbitalum Boilerrohr-Bearbeitungsmaschinen BRB 2
Item no: 790.085.011
4'518.00 CHF
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Orbitalum Boilerrohr-Bearbeitungsmaschinen BRB 4
Item no: 790.186.015
9'100.00 CHF
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Item no: 704.8130
550.00 CHF
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Item no: 704.8121
2'590.00 CHF
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Item no: 704.8122
3'490.00 CHF
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Orbitalum Rohrplanmaschine RPG 1.5
Item no: 790.037.001
3'657.00 CHF
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Item no: 790.094.002
17'046.00 CHF
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Orbitalum Rohrenden-Bearbeitungsmaschinen REB 6
Item no: 790.093.002
11'450.00 CHF
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Orbitalum Rohrplanmaschine RPG 1.5 AKKU
Item no: 790.037.011
3'657.00 CHF
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Orbitalum Rohrplanmaschine RPG 2.5
Item no: 790.031.001
4'751.00 CHF
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Orbitalum Rohrplanmaschine RPG 2.5 AKKU
Item no: 790.031.011
4'751.00 CHF
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Orbitalum Rohrplanmaschine RPG 4.5
Item no: 790.038.001
6'381.30 CHF
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Orbitalum Rohrplanmaschine RPG 4.5 S
Item no: 790.038.011
7'945.00 CHF
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Orbitalum Rohrplanmaschine RPG 8.6
Item no: 790.039.001
11'425.00 CHF
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Orbitalum Rohrplanmaschine RPG ONE
Item no: 790.036.031
2'193.00 CHF
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Orbitalum Rohrplanmaschine RPG ONE AKKU
Item no: 790.036.021
2'353.00 CHF
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Discover Our Extensive Range of Orbitalum Pipe Beveling Machines at +GF+ Service Online Shop

From battery-powered models for maximum mobility to high-performance pipe squaring machines for precise and efficient processing – we offer the right solution for every project. As an official specialist dealer for Orbitalum, we guarantee originality, quality, and comprehensive service.

Why Choose Orbitalum Pipe Beveling Machines?

Orbitalum is synonymous with innovation and quality in pipe processing. Orbitalum’s precise pipe beveling machines enable optimal preparation of pipe ends for orbital welding or other connection processes. Whether for use in metal processing, plant construction, or the food industry – Orbitalum offers the right solution for every requirement.

Model Variety: From the compact RPG ONE to the powerful RPG 8.6, we offer a wide range that leaves no wish unfulfilled.
Flexibility: Choose between mains and battery-powered models for use on the move or in the workshop.
Precision and Efficiency: Orbitalum pipe beveling machines deliver burr-free and precise bevels, improving the quality of your welds and reducing processing time.

Applications and Industries

Pipe beveling machines are indispensable in numerous industries. They are perfectly suited for processing stainless steel pipes, aluminum, copper, and other metal types in pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, food processing, and many other areas.

Our Range of Orbitalum Pipe Beveling Machines

Orbitalum RPG Series: Discover the versatility of the RPG series, from battery-powered models for maximum independence to stationary machines for the highest requirements.
Exclusive Offers: Find special offers and packages exclusively available in our online shop.

Understanding the Role of Pipe Beveling Machines in Industry

Pipe beveling machines play a crucial role in metal processing and other industrial sectors where precise and clean bevels on pipe ends are required. These specialized machines are designed to prepare the ends of pipes for welding or other connection methods.

The technology behind pipe beveling machines allows for the creation of uniform and accurate bevels at various angles and specifications, improving the quality of the weld seam and the efficiency of the entire manufacturing process.

The Importance of Precision and Efficiency

The precision achieved with pipe beveling machines is essential for ensuring the integrity and strength of weld connections. By generating clean and uniform bevels, companies can improve the fit of pipe connections, leading to higher quality end products. Moreover, the efficient processing by these machines reduces labor time and material waste, leading to significant cost savings for manufacturing companies.

Versatility and Adaptability

Modern pipe beveling machines from manufacturers like Orbitalum offer impressive versatility and adaptability. Capable of processing a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and even plastics, companies can find the optimal solution for their specific needs, ranging from portable devices for on-site use to robust, stationary units for mass production.